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Copy your files' names in multiple varieties with one click
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ClipName is a very simple software tool that installs an extra item in Windows Explorer's contextual menu (i.e. the floating menu you get when you right-click over a file). This new item, in turn, allows you to copy multiple varieties of your file's name including its DOS, UNC, URL encoded, WORD encoded and full-path names, any of them with just one click.

The program was designed to work with both single files and selections of multiple files. When you right-click over any of them, the new available item will in fact display a sub-menu where you can select your desired option. This sub-menu varies depending on whether you selected a single file or multiple ones. In the case of a single file, you can copy its simple file name or its full-path name surrounded with double quotes, besides all the already mentioned options. If you selected multiple files, on the other hand, you have all the same options except for the WORD encoded one, but you can select whether to separate the multiple files' names with spaces, tab characters or in individual lines. By the way, the new option you will see in Windows Explorer's contextual menu is titled "ClipName".

Actually, the program installs a second item in this menu titled "ClipName quick access", which allows you to save even more time. This item will instantly execute a pre-configured action among the already described ones, for both a single file or a selection of multiple files. This configuration can be done through a very simple window.

In a nutshell, even though ClipName may seem a bit too simple or a trivial tool, it will certainly save you a lot of time if you usually need to copy file names, specially if you need their full paths, UNC, URL or DOS representations. Even though this tool seems to have been around for a while, it is perfectly compatible even with the latest versions of Windows 10.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Installs an extra item in Windows Explorer's contextual menu
  • Works with single files or selections of multiple files
  • Copies DOS, UNC, URL encoded, WORD encoded and full-path file names
  • Copies the names of multiple files at once with various separations
  • Configure default actions for a one-click file(s) name(s) copy


  • Lacks of a main user interface
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